Front-end Trade Financing With Gerber Trade Finance

Gerber Trade Finance is the product of cooperation between the international Gerber Goldschmidt Group and Investec Bank Ltd. The support of these two highly regarded and international organizations uniquely provides Gerber Trade Finance with access to a diverse range of financial and trading resources. We are able to use these resources to benefit our clients.

We are creative lenders, tailoring financial packages to suit our client’s individual needs. Because of our size, our international connections and our focus on inventory and inventory purchasing, we are uniquely positioned to assist you in taking your business to the next level of growth.

Trade finance is short term secured lending, used primarily to finance inventory purchasing. A credit line of up to $3,000,000 is established with the client. The client draws down on this credit line by requesting us to make payments to the client’s supplier.

We “front-end” the trade cycle by providing the purchase finance. We provide credit lines in all forms to assist our clients in the first step of the business – procuring the inventory. Payments by letter of credit, letter of guaranty or direct wire transfer secure your source of business.

In a nutshell, we enable our clients to leverage on their own resources by providing inventory purchasing credit, thus allowing the client to take advantage of their growth potential.

In addition to providing credit lines for inventory purchasing, Gerber Trade Finance provides traffic and shipping support by acting as the liaison between customer and supplier. Upon receipt of an order from a client, our traffic department contacts the supplier, if necessary, to discuss the terms of the transaction and to coordinate shipment of the goods. The traffic department strives to solve problems that may arise during shipment, and will at all times keep the client apprised of the status of the shipment.

Effectively, Gerber Trade Finance steps into the role of the client to ensure that the goods are on time and in accordance with the order.